Checking out JoAnn Fabrics for quilting classes and unusual fabrics?

JoAnn Fabrics carries not only a full range of fabrics but a hugh inventory of sewing supplies, craft materials, decorating and floral items, and seasonal goods. JoAnn Fabrics is #1 in the fabric market with over 890 stores. Although traditionally fabric stores carried only fabrics and fabric accessories, now the inventory is mind-boggling. There may be sewing machines (including machine quilters) for sale at some JoAnn Fabrics locations. All the stores offer classes so if you want to get started with a quilt project, you can undertake it as part of a class and get support while you learn.

For those who want to learn how to quilt online, JoAnn Fabrics offers a variety of patterns online, and there are usually over 100 projects posted at one time. Our "JoAnn Fabrics Resources" section has tons of patterns. Creating floor pillows is an easy way to get started. Baby quilts are a favorite theme and make a great shower gift. Seasonal quilting items are also popular and quilted christmas stockings are a short project anyone can undertake. Other quick projects include lunch sacks, wall hangings, and tablecloths or runners. Longer projects include quilts for beds. Quilting parties (reminiscent of our grandmother's day) are a good way to socialize while working on a pattern.

Although the most basic form of quilting is a simple geometric grid sewn either by hand or machine, quilting is often combined with applique or patchwork. Most of us remember the patchwork quilt someone's grandmother made out of worn-out clothes. Now the fabrics are matched ahead of time to insure complementary colors. JoAnn Fabrics has color advice online if you want to shop on the Internet, along with articles on choosing the proper threads for your quilt.

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